Wild West Steampunk Pirates

Adventure 1 - Forest Deportations

Our intrepid gang began the adventure in a jail cell in the Wild West, charged with train robbery. Veronica White managed to escape from the cell thanks to Nathaniel Bane’s picklocking skills and dispatch of one of the guards. His gun, mysteriously, had no bullets in it. Strange, that. Hmm.

During their daring escape, the group found an impound lot with an airship harbored – The Reluctant Swallow. The group began firing up the engines and making their way out of the lot, when Trish decided to take advantage of the lot’s Propane and Propane Accessories aspect and blowing the entire place sky high. This damaged the bottom of their boat, causing much discomfort to Nathaniel Bane, who had been working below deck. Before the damage was done to the ship, Nathaniel was able to work in blissful ignorance to the fact that he was in the air – a situation which he would find most troublesome.

The group travelled by their newfound airship to the camp of the Gunned Slaves – the tribe of Hawk’s Wing of the Gunned Slave Tribe. There they found Crowfoot’s Junkyard, a collection of debris and antiques run by a friendly, if smelly man named Crowfoot. Crowfoot was able to inform the group of the town’s situation – recent poaching activity had been disrupting the natural balance and harmony of life in the nearby forest. The Mayor would be willing to part with two old cannons from a past skirmish if the group could solve their poacher problem.

The group visited a local drinking establishment, where Kenway got into trouble by hitting on the wrong woman. Hawk’s Wing managed to change the topic of conversation, saving Kenway from being attacked by a local, and making a friend simultaneously. After this, the group split in two: one group to investigate the forest, and the other to work on the ship.

In the forest, the group used it’s tracking ability to find a game trail. They engineered traps out of spare parts they found at the Junkyard.



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